represents a portal site designed to give imaginative visual access to other aspects of the businesses under the vampire umbrella.
(Click on Image to visit site) is a green sustainability site. We needed to incorporate a clean open feel. The spider navigation on this is unique; I developed this idea so that it would work on all devices not just viewers with flash.
(Click on Image to visit site) I chose to feature this site as an example of site integration from Vampire. It has similar look and feel while representing a single product.
(Click on Image to visit site) This is an information site designed to flow simply and disseminate information easily.
(Click on Image to visit site) is a traditional ecommerce site connected to Social Media as well as an infomercial. The focus is ease of ordering incorporated with a continuity program.
(Click on Image to visit site) This site is designed to appeal to a very specific audience. The approach was to reach early adopters of the electric car conversion industry. The site was used world wide to showcase the company's ability to convert cars to electric vehicles. (Click on Image to visit site)

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